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Green hydrogen

Industry 4.0

Electrical stability, anti-corrosion, catalysts for fuel cells and electrolyzers

Sensors, shielding, activated powder, new materials for additive manufacturing


Anodes, cathodes, insultation, low friction, wear resistance, thermo-barriers for components


We provide full spectrum from coating solutions to PVD equipment design and manufacturing

Nano coating solutions
Nano coating solutions
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Engineering and simulation
Engineering and simulation
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Analytics and quality control
Analytics and quality control
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Development of top quality solutions based on new materials and exceptionally innovative coating technologies for climate neutrality and sustainable products.




Anna Blotnytska

Anna Blotnytska

Chemical engineer

Developed internal quality standards and implemented international standards in manufacturing. Developed new products, managed quality control laboratory for chemical production.

Vladimir Lenchevskij

Vladimirs Lenčevskis

Design engineer

30 years of experience in CAD design. Developed unique 3-fold rotation fixtures for coating processes. Designed an inline PVD coating equipment.

Vladimirs Kovalenko

Dr. Vladimirs Kovaļenko

Senior PVD specialist

35 years in PVD technologies. Developed unique protective and catalytic coatings for hydrogen fuel cells. Developed new methods of coating adhesion strengthening. 

Pavels Nazarovs

Pāvels Nazarovs

PVD specialist

Designed and patented nanocomposite solid lubricant coating. Developed catalytic coatings for chemical reactors and batteries. Patented new conveyor device for inline PVD equipment.

Aleksandrs Parfinovics

Aleksandrs Parfinovičs

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founded a deep-tech start-up in 2010. Made an exit to a large corporate. Knows both worlds of innovative start-ups and corporates.

Eduard Parfinovich

Eduards Parfinovičs

Chief Technology Officer

Built 7 manufacturing companies as co-founder. Including hydrogen production. All these companies became profitable.


Raivis Ņikitins

Business Developer

Managed several start-ups. Active participant in the deep-tech community. Well-connected with industry clients and partners.

Valery Mitin

Prof. Valery Mitin

PVD expert

50 years of experience in nanocoatings. Author of high-speed magnetron sputtering. Number of unique coating solutions based on his know-how.

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Aija Perta

Fundraising advisor

10 years as venture capital investor. Experience in growing companies from seed to unicorn. Leading complex investment transactions, including exits.

Aivars Starikovs

Aivars Starikovs

Hydrogen energy expert

Ambassador of clean hydrogen energy.  Recognised regional leader helping society to transfer to environment friendly economy. Board Member at Hydrogen Europe.



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Phone: +371 29487783

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