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EUR 1.2 Million Pre-Series A Investment Fuels Naco Technologies' Growth, Backed by Impact Ventures and The Untitled Ventures.

Naco Technologies, an innovator in nano-coatings for green hydrogen systems, proudly announces the completion of a EUR 1.2 million pre-Series A funding round. This significant investment is co-led by Impact Ventures, focused on impact-driven projects within the EU, and The Untitled Ventures, a deep-tech-oriented fund.

Naco Technologies has achieved several crucial milestones, reinforcing its role in the green energy transition:

  • Pioneering Nano-Coating Technologies: Developed cutting-edge nano-coatings enhancing the efficiency and longevity of electrolyzers and fuel cells.

  • Strategic Partnerships with Green Energy Leaders: Forged key collaborations with leading manufacturers in the green hydrogen sector.

  • Contributions to Sustainable Energy Transition: Recognized for its significant role in advancing technologies that support the shift to renewable energy sources.

With the new funding, Naco Technologies is set to:

  • Prepare to Scale Operations Internationally: Establish a presence in strategic markets to foster global partnerships and client relationships, particularly with electrolyzer and fuel cell manufacturers.

  • Expand R&D: Further innovation in nano-coatings to improve green hydrogen production and consumption.

  • Enhance Team and Facilities: Invest in top talent and state-of-the-art infrastructure to support the growing demand for green hydrogen technologies.

Oskar Stachowiak, Managing Partner, The Untitled Ventures:

"We are inspired by Naco Technologies' commitment to the green energy transition. Their groundbreaking nano-coating technology is not just innovative; it's essential for the future of sustainable energy. We're proud to support their vision and expansion."

Gergely Iváncsics, Investment Director, Impact Ventures:

"At Impact Ventures, our focus is on empowering companies that drive significant environmental and societal impact in the EU. Investing in Naco Technologies aligns perfectly with our mission, as they play a crucial role in advancing green hydrogen technology."

Aleksandrs Parfinovics, CEO and Co-founder of Naco Technologies:

"This investment is a pivotal step for us. It enables Naco Technologies to accelerate our contributions to the green energy sector, particularly in enhancing the cost efficiency and impact of green hydrogen systems. We're grateful for the support from Impact Ventures and The Untitled Ventures, and excited for what lies ahead."



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